When it comes to protecting your valuable assets, mere security is not enough — it’s time to outsmart the thieves with our revolutionary Theft Buster GPS Tracking System. We’ve mastered the art of deception, utilizing a combination of a mains power unit and a battery-powered unit to give you unparalleled asset protection.

Why Two GPS Units?

Powered GPS units are effective but come with a risk – they can be traced back to the battery power source, making it easy for thieves to locate and disable them. Once the powered unit is removed, your asset becomes untraceable, leaving you at the mercy of criminals.

Here’s where our strategy takes an unexpected turn. While thieves believe they’ve successfully thwarted your security measures, we’ve embedded a tiny, battery-powered unit in a hidden area of your asset. This stealthy unit operates discreetly, waking up multiple times a day for an impressive six years. It connects to the Telstra IoT network with both indoor and outdoor coverage, ensuring constant vigilance.

Key Features:

  1. Theft Recovery Mode: Activate Theft Recovery Mode for swift and effective asset retrieval. Catch thieves off guard and regain control of your stolen property.

  2. Battery Level Replacement Alerts: Receive alerts when the battery level is running low. Stay ahead of potential downtime by replacing the battery before it becomes a vulnerability.

  3. Geofence Alerts: Set virtual boundaries with geofence alerts. Be notified instantly if your asset moves beyond predefined geographical limits, enhancing security and deterring theft.

  4. Location Reports: Stay informed with regular location reports. Our system provides detailed updates, giving you a comprehensive overview of your asset’s movements and status.

Deception is the key to success in safeguarding your assets. By combining the power of a mains unit with a hidden, long-lasting battery unit, our Theft Buster GPS Tracking System ensures that you stay one step ahead of criminals.

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