THEFT BUSTER : How do we fool the thieves

We use a combination of a mains power unit and a battery powered unit

Why do we use two GPS Units ?
Powered GPS units can be traced back to the battery power source. This make it easy to find GPS units in a short period of time. Once the unit is removed the asset can not be tracked and your asset is lost.
Once the thieves remove the powered GPS unit. They believe the job is over and they are safe.  In a hidden area of the asset is another tiny unit that wakes up 4 times or two times a day every day for 6 years.  This unit accesses the Telstra IOT network indoor and out door courage.
 Deception is the key success for retrieving your stolen asset.


  • Theft Recovery Mode 
  • Battery level Replacement Alerts
  • Geofence Alerts 
  • Location Reports